“Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than in the one where they sprang up.”

– Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894)

Research visit at unsw

My recent two-week visit to the UNSW School of Risk & Actuarial Studies, where I was honored as a ‘rising star’, was a remarkable blend of academic collaboration and research exploration. Highlights included presenting my research at a seminar, speaking at the 31st Colloquium on Pensions and Retirement Research, research meetings with faculty members and PhD students, and initiating two impactful research projects. This laid the ground for ongoing collaboration with the School of Risk & Actuarial Studies.


Talks at INFORMS Applied Probability, IME and AFRIC 2023


During June and July of 2023, I had the distinct opportunity to present my research work, titled “Gaussian Process-Based Mortality Monitoring using Cumulative Sum Procedures,” at several prestigious conferences. These included the INFORMS Applied Probability Conference in Nancy, France; the IME Congress in Edinburgh, UK; and the inaugural AFRIC Congress in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Each event provided a valuable platform for engaging discussions and knowledge exchange, and it was particularly rewarding to reconnect with colleagues from around the globe in the post-Covid-19 period.

Research seminar at the University of Waterloo

I recently had the pleasure of presenting my paper, “Insurance Valuation: A Two-Step Generalized Regression Approach,” at a research seminar hosted by the University of Waterloo. The event was an excellent occasion for intellectual exchange and dialogue. Following the seminar, I enjoyed a delightful dinner with esteemed colleagues Hong Li from the University of Guelph and Lisa Gao from the University of Waterloo, as captured in the enclosed photo.

Visit of the University of Waterloo
Talk at the 2022 European Actuarial Journal Conference


At the 2022 European Actuarial Journal Conference in Tartu, Estonia, I had the opportunity to present my paper titled “Surveillance of Actuarial Assumptions in the ERM Framework”. The slides from my presentation are available for review.

Talk at the 2022 Live Webinar of the IAA Life Section

In a 2022 live webinar hosted by the IAA Life Section, I presented my research on “Insurance Valuation: A Two-Step Generalised Regression Approach.” For those interested, the recorded presentation and the published paper. are both available.

Talk at the 2021 FINACT-IRAN International Conference

At the 2021 FINACT-IRAN International Conference, held online, I had the opportunity to present my paper, “Pricing Equity-Linked Life Insurance via Neural Networks.” The recorded presentation and the published paper are available for those who are interested in exploring this topic further.

Talk at the 2021 IME Congress

At the virtual 2021 IME Congress, I had the privilege of presenting my work titled “Bayesian Model Averaging for Mortality Forecasting Using Leave-Future-Out Validation.” For further insights, my recorded presentation and the published paper are both accessible.


Talk at EUSP

In March 2020, I had the fortunate opportunity to present my PhD research at the St-Petersburg Spring School in Risk Management, Insurance, and Finance. It was an enriching experience discussing market consistency, risk measurement, and option pricing with numerous practicing actuaries.

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